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Fun little lens

I have been looking for some wide angle lenses to play with because I really want to practice shooting some scenery. It would also be nice to get a better view when shooting in cramped spaces where space is limited.

Anyhow, while it wasn’t on my wish list, my husband informed me that he had ordered me an 18-55mm! (My little eBay addict lol) As I headed out for my morning walk, I decided to give it a little test run. To my surprise I really didn’t feel interested in capturing any type of scenic action, so instead I turned to my puppies. And what a fun surprise that was.

After shooting exclusively with a 50mm I was starting to forget how fun it is to experiment with a bit of a different perspective!

At 18mm this lens really blows up whatever is up close and I LOVE the result it had on some close ups of Bongo. He looks so goofy and fun!