Best Guide on the Leading Online Casino Games in Malaysia

Best Guide on the Leading Online Casino Games in Malaysia
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Malaysia online casino QQ801 casino gaming site has a lot of games to offer. Some of those games are popular and some are Asian themed. Using this Best Guide on the Leading Online Casino Games in Malaysia, you will know what games that every Malaysian players play for real money. This is very helpful for those gamblers who wants to try playing any online casino games. See the information below:

Best Guide on the Leading Online Casino Games in Malaysia

When it comes in providing awesome online casino games, this Malaysia casino QQ801 gambling site is one of the best website. It has huge collection of games that can be played by many people out there who loves to gamble. The best part of this website is all gamblers can easily access this site even without opening their personal computer, any mobile device can use.  Here are 3 of those awesome casino gambling games offered by Malaysia online casino site that can help you to increase winnings and improve skills in online gambling.

Dragon Tiger

An Asian card game which is said to have the same gameplay as Baccarat and Casino War combined. It uses standard decks of card excluding the wild cards and joker. The game is fast paced with only a few betting options making it popular for streak bettors who look for consecutive winning hand. To win the game, all you have to do is predict which hand from Dragon or Tiger will receive the highest ranking card. Cards are ranked according to their face values which makes King as the highest and Ace as lowest. Just like Baccarat, there is also a chance to Tie. However, unlike Baccarat, only one card is given to each hand.

Sic Bo

Another Asian game which has ancient Chinese tradition. The same sic bo basically means “Dice Pair” which makes it quite confusing since it uses Three dices instead of two. To play the game, you only have to predict the total of the dices once the dealer finishes shaking the glass container. You can bet on Totals, Small (4 to 10) and Big (11 to 17), Single bet, and Combination bet. There are still more betting options you may see live at the casinoqq801 website.


Another Asian card game which is said to be the Chinese version of poker, which is true since it is almost played the same way. So if you know poker, playing this card game would be easy. All the games mentioned are available at the site, so anytime you feel like trying them simply access using mobile web browser, mobile, desktop or laptop.

Additional Information

This online casino Malaysia also give awesome promotional offer. It is very generous when it comes in giving great selection of promotions such as Welcome bonus, Extra bonus, Daily Rewards and more. All gamblers can create their own winnings by just playing online casino games.


Access the best Malaysia online casino website and create more winnings with the help of this Best Guide on the Leading Online Casino Games in Malaysia. It is the best and trusted information that can help all gamblers to enhance their winnings and skills. A lot of best game options that can be seen in this website. Play your favorite online casino games now!

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